Invite our advocate and speaker, Diena Thompson, founder of The Somer Thompson Foundation, to speak at your event! Out of heart break she has fought to bring to light the epidemic of child sexual abuse to prevent it from happening to other children. Her motivational story will inspire you to learn more about how we can all protect children.Diena & Somer

“On Monday October 19, 2009, my entire world was ripped apart. Somer was a beautiful, silly, funny, sweet, typical 7 year old little girl & My Sunshine. On this day she was walking home from school with her twin brother Samuel, older sister Abigail, and 100 plus other children and adults. Somer would never return home again. And as statistics would suggest, 93% of the time, it is someone the child knows and trusts. This statistic was incorrect for Somer. That simply means we have some control who enters that 93%. So in Somer’s case her predator came from the seemingly miniscule 7% who had no friend or family connection. The point being, we can’t drop our guard with being content with protecting our children from that 93%. The opposite of Love is Apathy; so we must stay vigilant and educate those close to us and others around us.” ~ Diena Thompson

Diena is dedicated to spreading awareness about child sexual abuse to adults throughout Northeast Florida. Contact us if you'd like Diena to share her story with your group about the epidemic of child sexual abuse and how to prevent it.



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